CBBC Comes to Ludlow

CBBC visits Ludlow Food Centre

On Friday July 30th a CBBC film crew visited a South Shropshire Food Centre to film a new TV series. Production company Leopard Films came to the Ludlow Food Centre to film a new programme for CBBC entitled ‘Trade You Way To The USA’. The programme will be hosted by Apprentice runner up Saira Khan and is due to air later this year. Two teams of 11-13 year olds arrived at Ludlow Food Centre to take part in an Apprentice like competition. They were tasked with buying £75 worth of produce to sell the following day for a profit. The sale took place in Ironbridge at the Blists Hill Museum taking the theme of a Mad Hatters Tea Party at which they would sell products bought from the Food Centre.

Leopard Films were looking for the best place to film the children buying local, traditional food but also wanted to find a way of filming the food production too. Rachel Ford, Producer of the show said,

‘Ludlow is renowned as a foodie place so was a good place to start looking. When we found the Food Centre we loved it because everything is local and we could see the producers making the food. It’s been great to go behind the scenes at the Food Centre so we can show our audience how the food is made’

The two teams of three school children were given time to select and buy their £75 of produce and then had to face the Food Centre’s buyer, Reuben Crouch, to haggle on price. The aim was to beat Reuben down on price in order to make a greater profit at the sale.

Reuben says,

‘It was a pleasure to be involved with CBBC and help with the programme...I was impressed with the children’s ability to haggle, especially the girls who did a much better job than the boys on the day’

The episode filmed at the Food Centre and Blists Hill will be one of ten shown this year starting in the Autumn. The winning team will be rewarded with a trip to New York as their prize.

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