Asparagus Tips

The wait is over. Spring has sprung and although the weather is not entirely convincing there is a variety of new seasonal foods available locally. Asparagus is one of the first things to look forward in spring and the first crops are being picked right now from fields in Shropshire and the surrounding counties of Worcestershire and Herefordshire. Although the supermarkets seem able to provide asparagus all year round it’s just not the same as waiting for the real thing. The cold winter months are over so stews, roast dinners and soup can be replaced with fresh new season lamb, asparagus and new potatoes.

The asparagus season is fairly short lasting approximately two months in Britain meaning we go mad for it when it finally hits the shops. British asparagus is well known to be the best in the world with tonnes of it selling here and abroad. It is not only the taste that has made these green spears so popular it is also the health benefits. Asparagus is a real ‘super food’ containing a plethora of fantastic vitamins and minerals. An 80g serving provides 60% of the recommended daily allowance of folic acid, which can help expectant mothers to stave off infection and boost iron absorption. Asparagus is rich in vitamin A which has been associated with fighting cancer and also has a high concentration of soluble fibre, known to have a protective effect against degenerative heart diseases.

The one thing that everybody will love about asparagus is that it is low in calories. The average spear has just 4 calories, almost no fat and is very low in cholesterol making it great it you want to lose weight and get beach ready for summer. As part of a balanced ,seasonal diet, asparagus can make a real difference to your waistline. Seasonal British salad leaves are just starting to come in to season and British tomatoes are on the horizon too. This means that not only can we all buy British but we can lose weight, improve our weary immune systems and most important of all taste something that is fresh. We have the freshest asparagus on sale right now from a farm in Bridgnorth so it has only travelled a short distance. Throughout the season we will stock different varieties with some coming from the Vale of Evesham which is renowned for the quality of its asparagus.

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