Buttermilk Fruit Drinks

Dairy Fruit Drinks

We have started to use buttermilk to make an alternative type of milk shake. Buttermilk is a natural bi-product of our butter making process and is usually discarded because it has no value. However, this drink is the ultimate example of how a little ingenuity can create something out of nothing.

Dudley Martin, Head of our Dairy says,

‘It seemed like such a waste to simply poor the buttermilk away... especially seeing as it has all the goodness of milk but with almost no fat.. it’s also high in calcium and a natural probiotic’

Dudley has been making butter in the Food Centre’s dairy for nearly three years and has finally found a way to use the left over buttermilk. He is mixing it with local fruits such as strawberries and damsons to develop the range of dairy fruit drinks. The fruit flavoured drinks have all the goodness of milk but are much lower in fat, cholesterol and lactose making them great for lovers of milk shakes who want a lower fat option.

Dudley says,

‘Our chefs at the Food Centre have used buttermilk to lighten scones but we hadn’t thought about using it to make a drink. When we added the fruit we were amazed at how good it tasted. In the summer we had an abundance of fresh, local fruit that was pureed and frozen so we could use it to make ice-cream but now it’s being used in the shakes’

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