Clive coffee lands on Ludlow Food Centre shelves

julie web

One of Ludlow Food Centre’s most popular coffees has been given a new name to celebrate its arrival at the award-winning Clive Restaurant with Rooms.

The Nice and Easy blend, first created by coffee expert Julie in 2008, has been renamed The Clive Blend, and will now be served across all parts of the business, including The Clive Restaurant with Rooms, 140-seat café Ludlow Kitchen, and satellite deli Ludlow Pantry, based in Ludlow town centre.

Julie Hawkins, who has worked at Ludlow Food Centre since its inception in April 2007, and started roasting coffee in 2008, said: “The Nice and Easy Blend has always proved incredibly popular, but as the business diversifies, it’s important to highlight the link between different aspects of the business.

"Made using a blend of selected single-varietal Arabica beans, The Clive blend gives a clean-tasting cup of coffee suitable for any occasion.

“The Clive uses much of Ludlow Food Centre’s produce, including artisan cheese, bread, pickles and meat, so to add our coffee to that is incredibly exciting for everyone involved.

“We continue to experiment with beans and are looking to expand our existing offering, so watch this space.”

Louise Lawrence, Hotel and Catering Manager, managing both The Clive and Ludlow Kitchen, said: “We serve as much of Ludlow Food Centre’s produce as possible, giving both The Clive's residents and café customers the true experience and taste of Ludlow and the Oakly Park Estate.

“Serving a speciality Ludlow Food Centre-roasted coffee is a step towards completing our entire offering, as all parts of the business continue to grow and look at working more closely together.”

Ludlow Food Centre is open 9am - 5.30pm Monday to Saturday, and 9am - 4.30pm on Sundays.

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