The True Shropshire Blue

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Dudley Martin, Ludlow Food Centre’s head cheese maker has recently unveiled 'Ludlow Blue', the true Shropshire Blue. It is a common misconception that all Shropshire Blue comes from Shropshire when actually almost all Shropshire Blue is made elsewhere. ‘Ludlow Blue’ is all handmade in the Food Centre using traditional methods so currently only two cheeses can be produced at a time weighing in at approximately 10kg each. It takes approximately three months to mature and has a creamy texture with excellent flavours. Unique to Dudley’s production method is the use of carrot juice to make the unmistakable orange colour of the cheese; however this does not make it taste of carrots! Dudley says,

‘We wanted to combine the state of the art equipment in the Food Centre with the traditional artisan recipes and production methods to make the best possible cheese. I hope it embodies what the Food Centre stands for and highlights the benefits of local food’.

The first 20kg sold out over the bank holiday weekend! There is further cheese available but Dudley is going to be very busy keeping up with demand for the only true Shropshire Blue.

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