Ludlow Food Centre wins 'Best Butchery Award'

John Brereton and Elwyn Morgan

The Ludlow Food Centre’s butcher and stockman were honoured at last weeks EBLEX Beef Expo held at the Three Counties Showground in Malvern, Worcestershire picking up a total of four awards.

John Brereton, Head Butcher at The Ludlow Food Centre in Bromfield cleaned up at the first EBLEX sponsored butchery competition winning the display discipline and the overall competition. John, who has been a butcher for 20 years said,

‘Butchery and display is something that I do each and every day so It’s really nice to get an award that recognises the hard work and effort we all put in to our work’

Coupled with this was recognition for Elwyn Morgan, from the Earl of Plymouth Estates Limited in Bromfield, who picked up an award for services to stockmanship in Shropshire. Elwyn was nominated for the award by local auctioneer John Uffold of McCartneys in Ludlow who has long recognised his efforts.

Clive Brown, Western Regional Manager for EBLEX said that 'the new competition highlights the ever growing trend for farm shops to retail their own meat. The development of these butchery skills is allowing farm shop businesses to grow, as well as helping to make quality beef more available to consumers'.

Sandy Boyd, Managing Director for Ludlow Food Centre added, ‘good quality meat on the plate is totally dependant upon the skills of the butcher who matures and prepares the meat, but just as important is the way in which the animal is reared. I am thrilled that the skills of the men at the Ludlow Food Centre have been recognised on the same day'.

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