richard lindsey

At Ludlow Food Centre we have 150 bee hives managed by local bee keeper Richard Lindsey. Our bees have been producing honey successfully for a few years now but sadly circumstances are changing. The BBC have just filmed a piece about our bees and their sad decline. Our bees and Shropshire are not alone in the story, in fact bees throughout the country are suffering. The poor weather conditions are largely to blame and it is looking ever more likely that many hives will not make it through the winter.
At the Food Centre we want to keep our bees and this means investing in them. Richard will have to feed our bees throughout the winter because they haven’t created any food to last them through. We are looking at ways to help the bees, and Richard, so that we can continue to sell local honey. At this stage there are a variety of options and we want you, the consumer, to feel involved and make suggestions. If you feel strongly about protecting bees and want be part of plan to save bees in this region then please get in touch by registering on our contact us page:
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