Ludlow Food Centre Wins Three British Cheese Awards

Dudley and Paul, winners of three cheesemaking awards

On Friday September 23rd we picked up a gold, silver and bronze at an awards ceremony in Cardiff. The Centre’s dairy team of Dudley Martin and Paul Bedford make 8 cheeses in our glass fronted production kitchen in the Food Centre. The winning cheeses included their Bromfield Priory, a Lancashire style cheese which won a prestigious gold award. Dudley says,

‘Hundreds of cheese makers enter the awards every year so to win one medal is great...but to win three has really made our year. We use milk from our own cows which is collected every morning so all our cheeses are a real Shropshire product and we are proud to be putting Shropshire cheese on the map’

The Food Centre’s Croft Gold, a cheese that is rind washed in Herefordshire Cider Brandy, won silver and their new Lady Halton Smoked cheese got a bronze. Dudley says,

‘We have worked hard to create a range of cheeses that appeal to everyone’s pallet. Lady Halton Smoked was a challenge to create because we didn’t want to over smoke it. We have developed a mixture of chippings from trees surrounding the Food Centre and they give the cheese a lovely mellow flavour’

This year the British Cheese Awards saw more than 900 entries from over 75% of the nations cheese makers. The awards were established by Juliet Harbutt in 1994 to raise the profile of British cheese and have quickly grown in popularity. They are now considered a symbol of excellence for British cheese and have given rise to the Great British Cheese Festival which was added to educate and inspire cheese consumers.

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