Ludlow Food Centre’s Dairy Launches New Cheese

Oakly Smokely

The Ludlow Food Centre has created a new smoked cheese in its Dairy. Dairymen Dudley Martin and Paul Bedford have been working on the cheese for more than 6 months using milk from the estate’s Friesian Holstein dairy cows, Dudley says,

‘We collect milk every morning from the estate and bring it down to the Food Centre for an 8 o’clock start...before Christmas we started on a smoked cheese and after a lot of hard work we have launched it this week’

The Food Centre makes 7 cheeses and the new smoked cheese is a semi hard variety to complement the already existing blue, hard and soft varieties. It is called ‘Oakly Smokely’ after the estate and the process used to create its unique flavour. Paul says,

‘It’s a really summery cheese, great for salads and the smokiness goes particularly well with chicken’

Dudley first tried making a soft smoked cheese but this was not successful. He and Paul went back to the drawing board and changed it to a semi hard smoked variety, Dudley says,

‘The soft variety just didn’t work but when we changed it to semi hard variety it worked first time, and that never happens in cheese making, so we were really pleased. The cheese is cold smoked using oak chippings and only takes about 5 weeks to mature so we are hoping to sell it in the Food Centre and to other farm shops that currently stock our Ludlow Blue’

Dudley has won many awards for his cheese and this latest variety will be entered in to this year’s British Cheese Awards which is judged in September. The awards see hundreds of entries in a vast array of categories and in the last 4 years Dudley has won awards twice...

‘We have won awards with Croft Gold and Bromfield Priory so we are hoping that this new smoked cheese will impress the judges’

Oakly Smokely is available to buy now from Ludlow Food Centre retailing at £15.90 per kilo. It is also available online at

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