Farmhouse Breakfast Week


We are celebrating the great British Breakfast and encouraging people to eat breakfast more regularly for at least one week of the year. Farmhouse Breakfast Week is organised by HGCA, which is the cereals and oilseeds division of the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board. The aim is to encourage people throughout the UK to eat more healthily by eating a proper breakfast.

As part of breakfast week we are giving free tastings of breakfast foods such as sausages and muesli...we are also offering free bottles of our own tomato ketchup and brown sauce when you buy 3 breakfast ingredients. If you are on our mailing list you will also have received a voucher for a ½ price traditional breakfast in our Conservatory Barn Cafe. If you want a voucher and are not on our mailing list please add your details to the special offers page and we will send you one. (this offer is only available from 22/01/2011 to 30/01/2011 and you must hand over a voucher at the till in the cafe)

The UK cereals market is worth £1.5 billion and more than half the population has 3 boxes of cereal in their home. In addition, the UK eats 12 million loaves of bread every day and 5 million sausages. Despite all this many people don’t eat breakfast at all and women are more likely to skip breakfast than men. NHS research shows that obesity could be cut significantly if everybody had breakfast and initiatives like Breakfast Week are important in reminding people the importance of eating breakfast. Breakfast is not only attributed to helping people lose weight but also helps with concentration and productivity. People who would normally eat breakfast feel less focussed in their work if they go without food until lunchtime. So come and have a proper breakfast in our cafe or buy the ingredients from the Food Centre to make one at home.

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