'Ten Mile Menu' visits the Ludlow Food Centre

Ten Mile Visit

The Ludlow Food Centre took part in the making of an episode of ‘Ten Mile Menu’, a new show where chefs and celebrities compete against each other to make the ultimate local meal. Chef, Aldo Zilli and TV presenter Kirsten O’Brien went to the Food Centre, followed by cameras, in search of local ingredients to make their menu for the programme. The Centre has a policy of sourcing over 80% of their food from local producers in Shropshire and the surrounding counties of Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Powys making it the perfect place to film ‘Ten Mile Menu’. The team were greeted at the Food Centre by Marketing Manager Tom Hunt who says,

‘It is always good to be recognised by production companies filming this type of programme because it shows us and our employees that we are doing a good job’

It was the Centre’s Managing Director, Sandy Boyd, that was caught on camera as he manned the Centre’s delicatessen to serve Chef Zilli. Mr Boyd says,

‘Aldo was particularly impressed with the variety of local food and that we even smoke our own meats and make 6 types of cheese in our dairy’

Competing against Zilli and O’Brien was Paul Rankin and Edwina Curry who went, with the crew of the show, to the Food Centre’s Conservatory Barn Cafe for lunch. Richard Davies, Manager of the cafe says,

‘It was great to have two such well regarded chefs in our cafe and even better that they complemented the food and ambience...we were all really happy they enjoyed it’

The two teams visited local producers to create the ultimate local menu and finished their day at Ludlow School where they cooked their dishes. The show will be aired when the series is launched in 2011 and is expected to be on ITV1 in March.

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