Our award-winning jams, pickles, chutneys and sauces are always seasonally made by Darren and Tess and the process used to make them is the same as what you would expect people to use at home. When the fruit or vegetables come into the production room, their quality is tested and if it’s not of a quality Darren and Tess are happy with it’s not used.
Recipes are adhered to with ingredients weighed out, each batch is then cooked the same way; it is brought up to temperature to 105°C and the traditional wrinkle test is used to make sure it will set. No pectin is added to the preserves as they are set when the ingredients are in season. If needed, fresh lemon juice is added instead. No thickeners are added to the sauces either. Instead they are reduced down to the desired consistency which also gives them a more concentrated flavour.
The team are great at experimentation and developing new flavours and their dedication to getting it absolutely right clearly works as shown by their accolade of awards. .

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